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Some ding repair on board, but it is water tight.

Long mast 94.8cm (37in)

Extra Short mast 60cm (23.5in)

Foil wing pads and case to protect your gear.

From Liquid Force

The Orb is the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness for the intermediate kiteboarder. Nothing’s quite like looking down and seeing the water speed past beneath your feet and thanks to the Orbs small stature, you can feel the float with precision control. With its lightweight EPS core, Inegra top and bottom weave, and divinicel track inlay the orb is one of the strongest foil boards in the line. When you combine all that with its chined rails, adjustable mounting tracks, double concave displacement bottom shape, and three plus one M6 inline inserts, the Orb truly packs a performance punch. A modern orbital foilcraft designed to speed you off to destinations near and far.

  • Core- EPS CNC shaped core
  • Shape- Hydrofoil specific shape to the needs of riding a foil
  • Inserts- Multiple insert configurations using 3 or 2 Straps
  • Concave- Double concave forward hull design for efficient and rapid water deflection
  • Track Mounting- Foil track mounting system
  • Grip- Full deck EVA



Created in collaboration with Cloud IX surf foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf, and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range. The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level.

Allowing more time for tack and gybe transitions, constant wing engagement on jump landings, and the ability to drop a size kite or get out in even lighter wind conditions than ever imagined. These same design attributes make the Impulse ideal for mounting on a hydrofoil compatible SUP or prone surfboard. Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keeps swell energy connectivity easy and manageable. This magic can be translated behind the boat where the Impulse excels at sustained hydrofoiling on both the primary and secondary wakes with or without the rope!


Kite & Surf - Crossover use for kite, surfing, SUP and wake
Carbon Wings - Carbon construction low aspect wing
Alloy Mast - Efficient profile extruded alloy mast (available in 2 lengths)
Aluminum Fuselage - fuselage with dual-position rear wing mounting
Lightweight - Lightest crossover hydrofoil kit available