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Accidents happen and if your Kite, Wing or Go-Joe leaks air, you’ll be able to stop the leak by repairing pinholes or blowouts on your bladder.  TearAid A should be a necessary addition to your kite quiver and a session saver.  Be proactive and order a patch for each or your items today.  

Choose between a 3” x 6”, 6” x 6” or use a whole 6” x 30’ roll for larger repairs.  Comes with two alcohol pads for cleaning the surface appropriately before application.

If you require a patch longer than 6″, order multiple patches to the length you need and we will send a 3” x 6” or 6” x 6” times the number of patches you order. 


Approximate Temperature Range: -20ºF – 140ºF


How to Repair Kitesurf Kite Bladder Puncture or Tear:

1.  Clean off area to be repaired with an alcohol swab
2.  Spread out bladder and remove all wrinkles
3.  Place Patch over leak making sure to not allow and wrinkles

Simple and Easy Repairs

Let’s face it, when you are ready to have a fun day kiteboarding or winging, the last thing you want to face is a complicated repair. While a bladder repair may sound like an all-day job to some, the fact is it’s a simple and easy repair. Using Tear-Aid, you’ll find yourself making the necessary repairs in no time. With its very tough, matte finish and high-bond strength adhesive, you’ll have your kiteboard bladder hold air like new.

Why Tear-Aid?
Even though there are plenty of repair kits on the market for those who love the great outdoors, none have the reputation for excellence like Tear-Aid. When people wonder what makes Tear-Aid so popular with so many outdoor enthusiasts, it’s no time before they start coming up with one reason after another. Some of the best reasons to use a Tear-Aid windsail and kiteboard bladder repair kit include:
–See-Thru Patch that works with all colors
–Conforms to irregular surfaces
–Instant adhesion with no sewing needed
–Cuts easily to any size with scissors
–Holds air and water under pressure even when stretched
Needless to say, when you’re out having a session and have a situation develop where you need to make a quick repair, having a repair kit from Tear-Aid can make all the difference. Rather than having a great day spoiled by an unexpected leak, be prepared by including a Tear-Aid Type A patch in your kite bag  as part of your gear.

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