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Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range.

Big jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. 

For 2022 we’ve introduced a new lighter Dacron exo-skeleton in every size and revised the arc design for a crisper, snappier response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery. Still nimble and easy to ride, but now with a cleaner profile that’s even more stable in kite loops, the Reach is your go-to kite in all conditions. The lighter construction excels throughout the entire wind range, foil and surf, without compromising the kite’s durability. Its fast, responsive steering and efficient power delivery give rise to incredible boosts, loops and freestyle, while the short responsive bridle provides quick, exponential depower. In the three larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding - long after everyone else has gone in.


Kite, Bag, Repair Kit 

New N-DURE Dacron

The new N-DURE Dacron has a more balanced weave for a crisper, livelier feel. The symmetrical yarn pattern gives the material a lower bias elongation that snaps back to its original shape faster. This provides the kite with a crisper response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery.  


Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch  

The Reach has a slightly higher aspect ratio design for superb loft and hangtime, while its wider wing-tip and well-balanced bridle help to maintain a compact steering radius, ideal for kite-looping.   

Incredible stability for foil and lightwind  

Larger sizes lightwind optimised. The 13, 15 or 17m Reach will get you up and riding with a lightwind twintip like the new Trace in the lightest breeze. The combination of lighter weight bladders, N-DURE Dacron and design elements give the kite a surprisingly light bar pressure and fast turning speed. We recommend you select your lightwind kite size according to rider weight rather than wind range. We recommend the 13m for lighter twintip riders (under 70kg), the 15m for 70-85kg and the 17m for over 85kg.

Massive wind range and upwind drive

For the Reach we’ve developed a longitudinal profile control that connects to the leading-edge seam to ensure a precise profile shape is maintained as close to the leading edge as possible, creating a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy. This results in an even more aerodynamic and efficient airflow and less turbulence.  

Revised arc design 

We’ve slightly revised the Reach arc shape to provide more even tension in the canopy at a broader range of attack angles. An evolution of the 2-stage arc found in our other kites, the new design gives the kite a cleaner profile that is more stable in kite loops.


No-pulley bridles

Our highest-quality, low-profile, pre-stretched bridle lines are pre-loaded and measured before cutting to improve accuracy and consistency. This results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity. Removing ALL pulleys from the bridle improves safety and gives the kite direct and precise handling. The end result is lower drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling.   


Responsive Steering and well-balanced surf handling

The quick responsive steering and neutral static balance help you fire up your performance in the surf, without any surprises. The Reach drifts well and doesn’t fall over, front-stall or back-stall. The bar pressure and steering impulse can be adjusted on the wing tip, allowing you to fine tune the kite's characteristics to your personal preference.   


Confident relaunch 

The moderate leading edge diameter medium high aspect design allows more area in the centre of the kite for efficiency and provides additional buoyancy.


More durable

There is a large amount of force on the closing seam of the leading edge due to inflation pressure and steering movement. We’ve replaced the thread in the closing seam with a new durable higher tensile yarn that has improved fatigue and wear resistance.


Pop when you need it

Good pop helps generate line slack for handle passes - simply load up, edge hard and pop off the water for easy freestyle progression.   

New HyperFlow rapid inflation

Ergonomic high volume single point inflation system with large diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation.  The bayonet style main inflation valve is compatible with most pumps - no adapter required


Duralite Seam Protection

Lightweight reinforcing to protect from chaffing and abrasion along the struts and leading edge. Thin foam padding is inserted underneath to form a lightweight durable buffer which lifts the kite slightly off rough surfaces and protects the stitching along the struts and leading edge seams.



For the most accurate and durable connection between the strut and the leading edge. Bridle deflectors on the leading edge prevent the control lines catching on the struts.


Lightweight bladders in every size

Bladders make up a bigger weight percentage than any other material used in a kite. The lighter the kite, the more efficiently it flies, the greater the performance in lighter winds, the faster the steering, the more lift created and the higher you jump. 


Recycled PET Kite Bag with Foil Assist

Go Green. 33 recycled plastic bottles go into the production of every single North kite bag.

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