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This Slingshot SST in perfect conditions but labeled as used.  No scuff marks or repairs and holds air perfectly.  


Slingshot says:

The 2017 Wave SST features a Compact-C canopy profile and a condensed version of Slingshot’s popular shock-absorbing IRS bridle system. The combination of canopy geometry and bridle configuration results in a kite that flies deep in the window, in the sweet spot for surf-specific performance. Two main features that make the Wave SST such an amazing surf kite are: How well it drifts downwind and how quickly it can pivot even when you’re depowered, sheeted out or moving toward the kite.

The Wave SST is extremely robust, taking Slingshot’s bomber surf-tough standards a step farther with a special Surf Grid panel layout that adds strength and durability to the canopy and a condensed bridle setup. Trailing edge tension is now controlled with the addition of Teijin T2 Polyester ripstop canopy material, which decreases trailing edge flutter and increases durability. We reinforced the one-pump inflation valve’s connection to the bladder to help prevent blowouts caused by improper hose attachment/detachment.

The Kiteboarder Magazine Testers Say:

“Tons of hangtime, plenty of low end power with lots of depower on tap. It’s incredibly stable with a great wind range.” // Dray Murray.

“Great for cruising along La Ventana’s big swell.” // Rob Shea.

“The Wave SST is a joy to ride. It drifts exceptionally well downwind.” // Chris Borodic.