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Stoke Riders kiteboarding school offers popular brands including CORE and LIQUID FORCE. We can also outfit you head to toe with the top harnesses and warmest wetsuits from reputable brands such as Mystic, NP, Hyperflex, Brunotti and Prolimit.
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Core Free Kite

$959 and up

Core Kites

Surf. Play. Shred.With its mad surf skills, smooth air-style, and signature CORE ride-ability, you may suspect your new kite has super powers.

Core Training Kite


Core Training Kite

Ideal for kiddies, beginners and not-yet-kiter to get to know the flight characteristics of a kite on land.


Fusion Board



Chop, glass or waves, it doesn’t matter when you’re riding the Fusion 2, the ultimate all style twin tip.

Fusion 2 Board


Fusion 2

When you take the brand new SENSOR 2 bar system on the water you will be suitably impressed. The SENSOR 2 bar weighs almost nothing, but is packed full of high tech and know how.

Kiteboarding Tools

Core Bar


Core Sensor 2 Bar

The no strain kite pump with unique Sand Guard filter

Core Bar Pro


Core Sensor Pro Bar

This bar, is by far the lightest bar on the market. The unibody bar of the SENSOR PRO is manufactured from an ultra stiff Carbon and Titanium compound.


Trace Product


Trace - The Action Sports Tracker

Ride, Track, Rlive, Improve. The world's most-advanced action sports tracker.



Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker

WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android.